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Originally from Bangladesh, Abbas Syed immigrated to the United States at a young age and cut his teeth working with computers in Washington DC and New York throughout the 90’s. Rising to prominence as an respected IT engineer has enabled him to venture into an entrepreneurial space by creating a small international real estate development company, Adobe Builders, where he is the current Managing Director of 150 apartments across ten buildings. His career in IT has also allowed him the opportunity to create Pragma, an IT staff augmentation company. During his early days of living in New York, Abbas became enamored with the vibrant and exciting art scene of downtown Manhattan, and he knew that someday he would find a way to help bolster this special community. It was this passion for and belief in the arts and effective storytelling that led him to his current philanthropic position as the Director of Development for the Soho Shakespeare Company. What better way to contribute to theater in New York than by investing in the continued proliferation of the master storyteller himself? 


current projects.

Adobe Builders

The mission of Adobe Builders, LTD is to provide innovative, reliable, and high quality services to home buyers. For more informaton on Adobe Builders, Click Here:

SoHo Shakespeare Company

SoHo Shakes' mission is to develop radical reinterpretations of classic texts and bold new works by rabble-rousing storytellers. Through live productions, community programs, education, and outreach, they are dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless. For mor information, Click Here:

Pragma Inc USA

Pragma Inc are IT people with extensive IT experience, who understand how to properly market IT jobs and qualified IT candidates. As a result, our streamlined, scalable, and high-quality IT staff recruiting process saves you time and money while delivering highly-qualified candidates. For more information, Click Here:



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